November 15, 2005

11 years, and still they don't add up.

No not the product of the comprehensive schooling system, the EU accounts. Every year for the last 11 year we have been waiting for the EU to get it's accounts signed off. This year was no different EU fraud is still so rampant that the accounts cannot be signed off. And the EU's proposed solution to this (a part from firing whistle blowers, and claiming anyone they think might whistle blow is crazy in order to get them out of the way)? Give even more power to the EU, disguiesed in Eurospeak but the EU Referendum blog provides a translation:
Cutting to the chase, this simply means more power to the commission to vet member state accounts, an inevitable consequence of a supranational system where the central government – in this case the commission – is disbursing funds to its subordinate tiers.


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